1080P FHD Wireless Security Camera with 2 Way Audio


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Kittyhok 2MP Wireless Security Camera with 2-way Audio

Add-on Camera for Kittyhok WiFi Security Camera System

This Kittyhok 2MP wireless security camera is an add-on camera for Kittyhok wireless security camera systems. Since all our Kittyhok wireless systems are expandable, you can purchase add-on cameras and add to your existing system.

How to pair add-on camera to your Kittyhok existing system?

  1. Plug the camera to power and connect the camera to your NVR Ethernet port with a network cable.
  2. Go to your system, right click your NVR mouse to pop out NVR main menu, then click Device Manage. Click 'Refresh' button beside the upper table.
  3. Click an available channel (No video source) in the lower table, then click 'Match Code' button beside the upper table. The NVR will start the process to configure the camera to work wirelessly.
  4. When you see the update message 'IPC is already in the channel', the camera has been added to the channel successfully and you can now disconnect the camera from NVR and mount it to anywhere you want, within NVR's Wi-Fi range.