8 Channel 1080p Full HD Network Video Recorder with Built-in WiFi Router


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  • NVR with Built-in WiFi Router - The Kittyhok NVR (Network Video Recorder) is a recorder with built in router. It receives and records all cameras with its own bandwidth, consuming 0 bit from your home router. Internet connection is only needed when you want to view from elsewhere.
  • Reliable Long Range WiFi Connection - With built-in WiFi router and two external Wi-Fi antennas, this NVR forms its own strong and stable WiFi to cameras with distance up to 1000ft on open ground, and 200ft with obstacle. Take advantage of Dream Liner WiFi relay tech, you get even better wifi range.
  • Multiple Recording Modes - Supports manual, time-schedule and motion detection recording.
  • VGA and HDMI Video Outputs - The NVR features VGA and HDMI video outputs, you can connect it to any standalone PC monitor or TV to display camera videos.
  • Motion Alerts - Receive email alerts and mobile notifications when motion is detected.