Describe the 100% Wire-free Battery Security Camera in Three Words.

Safe, Efficient, Smart

What Makes Kittyhok Battery Security Cameras Special?

1. 2K &1 080p High Definition

High quality image and video quality is a must-have feature for us to evaluate a security camera. Using a high definition camera, you could keep the great and intertesting moments without missing any details. 

What's more, keeping an eye on property clearly at night also matters to us. The battery security cameras provides clear black-white videos with IR Leds inside. The camera (floodlight on) records color videos as clear as daytime.

2. Easy to Set up and Install

Handling the messy cable for power and date transmission is a big problem for a novice. Using the battery security camera, you don't have to worry about it. Just follow the simple steps on manual to connect the camera to Wi-Fi. Within several minutes, you are able to check what's going on your property on your phone. Without hassle of cord, you could feel free to install it anywhere.

3. Long-lasting and Rechargeable Battery 

The battery life depends on recording times and recording length. Usually the battery camera can last up to 180 days on standby mode. You don't need to worry when battery is drained. It will send you a low-battery notification and it's easy to charge it via a power adapter or a solar panel.   

4. Smart Motion Detection

Traditional camera is activated by motion (changes in image pixel). Any movement will trigger the camera and you will get too much notifications.

PIR camera (CT4): To reduce the false alarm, the PIR sensor detects changes in heat to filter useless information. 

PIR & AI camera (SC1, SC4): Integrating with AI algorithm, the system is able to analyze objects (human, pets, and vehicle) and their behaviours. Notification with accurate information will be sent to you. It's easier to check  who is in front of door.

5. Cloud Storage

All kittyhok wifi battery cameras provide cloud storage service and support micro SD card up to 128GB.

Every customer will enjoy 7-day free cloud storage (1GB) forever if they have device SC1 or SC2. That's a great benefit for users. 

What's the Differences of These Cameras?

2-way audio  
Waterproof IP65 IP65  IP66
Detection  PIR PIR&AI  PIR&AI
Night vision
 Black/white, Color
Cloud stroage 30-days free trail 7-day life free   7-day life free
Battery Capacity
10400mAh  6400mAh
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